[nafex ibiblio list] Apricot cultivars: 'Jerseycot' vs 'Early Blush'

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Sun Jan 15 13:20:15 EST 2012

For anyone who has tried 'Jerseycot' apricot, what is your opinion regarding flavor, acidity, and if in the north east - disease-resistance?  I wanted to get 'Early Blush' but the one nursery that seems to carry it is out - it is supposedly "very sweet" (and is in my area very disease-resistant), and some of the trials indicate that 'Jerseycot' has high acidity, but a friend of mine, Bob Purvis - the apricot/stonefruit expert, told me that he and his wife have not found it to be acidic.

I prefer the look of the fruit of 'Jerseycot', as it looks more typical of an apricot, not being covered in about 50% blush like 'Early Blush is', however if it is actually less disease-resistant in my area (N. New Jersey), then I'll have to wait another year.

p.s. I have to make a correction: I early said that 'President' is the only black-knot resistant cultivar of Prunus x domestica/European plum for the northeast; I just discovered a potentially more disease-resistant variety: 'Kenmore'.


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