[nafex ibiblio list] Experience with perry pears

rmelrose at danvilleVT.net rmelrose at danvilleVT.net
Sun Jan 15 13:09:59 EST 2012

Claude, It sounds as though your seasons are close to ours here in Vermont, but
maybe we have warmer `summers'. How was the Thorn, as far as perry was
concerned or did you not get that far yet?

You probably have Anjou and Luscious -- when do you pick these (and at what
stage)? I'm not even sure what one is supposed to do with perry pears, I
mean does one pick them hard like other European pears or are they better
tree-ripened (which is what I have been doing with the Golden Spice before
juicing them)?

Lots of questions.


> Le 09:51 12.01.15, vous avez ?crit:
>>Claude, how long is your season...?  I've just put Hendre Huffcap and
>>Barland in.  Here in sw WI our last freeze Mid May and the weather
>>declines pretty rapidly around mid Oct....
> Pear bloom is usually last week of May here, and 
> may vary from mid-May to first week of June 
> depending on years. And mid-October is really the 
> latest for harvesting. In any case things that 
> are not ripe by Oct 1 will not ripen much mure if 
> left on the tree after that date. Also you need 
> to consider we do not have very hot summers here.
> Last fall Winnal's Longdon and Hendre Huffcap 
> were harvested on Oct 10, still hard and green. 
> They did ripen in storage, but became bletted 
> before I had time to process them! It seems you 
> need to check them almost every day...
> Thorn was harvested Sept 29, and was OK.
> Claude,
> Quebec, z.4

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