[nafex ibiblio list] Experience with perry pears?

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Sun Jan 15 11:36:18 EST 2012

Le 09:51 12.01.15, vous avez écrit:
>Claude, how long is your season...?  I've just put Hendre Huffcap and
>Barland in.  Here in sw WI our last freeze Mid May and the weather
>declines pretty rapidly around mid Oct....

Pear bloom is usually last week of May here, and 
may vary from mid-May to first week of June 
depending on years. And mid-October is really the 
latest for harvesting. In any case things that 
are not ripe by Oct 1 will not ripen much mure if 
left on the tree after that date. Also you need 
to consider we do not have very hot summers here.
Last fall Winnal's Longdon and Hendre Huffcap 
were harvested on Oct 10, still hard and green. 
They did ripen in storage, but became bletted 
before I had time to process them! It seems you 
need to check them almost every day...
Thorn was harvested Sept 29, and was OK.
Quebec, z.4

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