[nafex ibiblio list] Peach kernel - substitute for sweet almond(making marzipan)?

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar parmarch_mnd at dataone.in
Sun Jan 15 05:29:40 EST 2012

I do not agree that ALL all stone fruits have poisonous pits.

There are many varieties of apricots, especially which come here from 
Afghanistan, which have sweet and edible pits.  There are also some wild 
apricots which have sweet pits.  The kernels of a wild growing apricot 
CHULLI (details available in Fruitipedia t the link, 
http://fruitipedia.com/chulli_apricot.htm) are edible, used as almond 
substitute and are even sold in local markets.

The kernels of many trees of the wild growing peach like fruit BEHMI 
(http://fruitipedia.com/behmi.htm) are sweet and edible.

One of my former students, now a professor of horticulture, was telling me 
that he had spotted a sweet kernelled peach at Sharbo (adjacent to Tibet) in 
Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh.

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
186/3 Jail Road
Mandi HP 175001, India
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almond(making marzipan)?

Almost all stone fruits have poisonous pits. SOME varieties of apricot are 
an exception to this, with edible pits, which I think are better than 
almonds because they have a stronger flavor.

I believe attempts have been made to breed a peach with edible kernels, with 
no success. If you stop posting here, we'll know that you've been eating 
peach kernels in quantity.

I'd be interested in a discussion of which apricots have the tastiest fruit 
and kernels. I'm sure this would make my local squirrels happy.


From: Steven Covacci <filtertitle at aol.com>
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Subject: [nafex ibiblio list] Peach kernel - substitute for sweet almond 
(making marzipan)?

Apricot kernel can be used as a substitute for bitter almond; in both cases, 
cooking is, of course, required to render it safe for human consumption.
Can peach (or even apricot) kernel be used as a substitute in making 
marzipan (typically, almond paste plus sugar-syrup), after the kernel is 
Or is it that, both, peach and apricot can only be used as a substitute for 
bitter almond, and not a substitute for sweet almond?
Steve; NJ
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