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On 1/13/2012 4:31 PM, david liezen wrote:
> TS:Have you talked at all to the horticultural pro at Raintree? I've asked Katy a number of questions in the past and she has been most useful. Try
> hort at raintreenursery.com
> Dave Liezen
      I can share a very good source of Quince compatibility with pears 
from Jim Ozzello.  He is a real
      pear enthusiast living in southern Wisconsin.  He has done 
numerous pear grafts on quince.
      Attached is an article revision and up-date of an article, which 
appeared in the Pomona of XVII, No. 2, Spring 1985.

     I did two successful pear grafts (Morettini and Clara Frije) last 
year using some of Jim's scion wood atop Quince C
     rootstock.  Both grafts took.  I planted the Morettini and am 
keeping the Clara Frije in a pot, for now.

                          Sherwin Dubren
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