[nafex ibiblio list] Peach kernel - substitute for sweet almond (m aking marzipan)?

Scott Weber and Muffy Barrett bluestem_farm at juno.com
Sat Jan 14 21:46:36 EST 2012

I've never heard of people eating plum pits, but a few of our wild plum trees (that are in a fenceline with lots of squirrels) consistantly have the pits removed from the fruits which are then left lying on the ground.  I suppose it could be mice doing it since I've found mouse hoards of plum and black cherry pits in our greenhouses.  But I'm thinking that creatures may take your fruits for the pits, sweet or not.Muffy Barrett
SC Wisconsin
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 I stayed away from all sweet pit apricot varieties because we have a lot of squirrels and I was afraid that they would get into the habit of taking all the fruit in order to get at the pits.  
On 1/14/2012 1:39 PM, Melissa Kacalanos wrote:
> Almost all stone fruits have poisonous pits.
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