[nafex ibiblio list] OHxF Dwarfing Rootstocks for Asian Pear & (other issues)

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Thu Jan 12 19:20:21 EST 2012

What is the latest word and feelings on the various dwarfing rootstocks for Asian Pear, particularly the OHxF series?
It looks like OHxF-513 shows long-term graft compatibility and is semi-dwarfing; I don't know about long-term compatibility with the slightly more dwarfing OHxF-333.
As for OHxF-97 - it's supposed to be a standard-sized tree.  To me, that sounds like a 25' tree after 2-decades. Yet, since Asian pears bare so heavily, I wonder is "standard-size" will end up being just slightly larger then OHxF-513.  I heard that OHxF-97 sizes the fruits better then the others in the series.
Can a tree be maintained to 10 wide x 15 tall on 97, about as easily as on 513 - or will the 97 cause much more vigor.  
Also, I heard that dwarfing rootstocks, when situated in fertile soils, will naturally loose a lot of their dwarfing effect.  If that's the case, since I have very fertile soil, then maybe it doesn't matter which I get.
In terms of fire-blight resistance, I think I'll go with 'Korean Giant' (aka 'Olympic'; aka 'Dan Bae'), and although having a little less resistance, 'Yoinashi'.  From what many have said, 'Shinko/Shingo' is not a very good fruit, and suffers decline after a while - although is the most fire-bligh resistant cultivar.
Will the bloom period of 'Korean Giant' coincide with that of the European pear (very blight-resistant, self-fertile variety) 'Honeysweet'.

Steve; NJ

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