[nafex ibiblio list] r/s for Prairies in Canada

Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 09:39:48 EST 2012

Clint Detbrenner at Boughen Nurseries at Nipawin, Saskatchewan is very good to deal with for a few rootstock.  He may only sell actual 'rootstocks' in bundles, but he also sells Siberian Crabs in their catalogue that I have used for rootstock.  They are a bit more expensive, but they are a bit bigger which works very well.  If you want cheaper and can risk size issues, they normally sell windbreak bundles even when they are sold out of their rootstock.

zone 3
Edmonton, AB

 From: derry walsh <derrywalsh1 at gmail.com>
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Sent: Monday, January 9, 2012 12:41:07 AM
Subject: [nafex ibiblio list] r/s for Prairies in Canada
Does anyone know of a source of r/s for someone in Calgary, Alberta.

I think she just wants three or four r/s.


Derry Walsh,
South Coastal B.C.
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