[nafex ibiblio list] Autumn Olive

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 9 02:21:02 EST 2012

On 1/8/2012 11:13 PM, Road's End Farm wrote:
> Because a plant, insect, fungus, etc. does not cause a problem in one
> area doesn't mean that people are "hysterical" to say that it's
> causing problems somewhere else.

Its hysterical to recommend massive removal in areas where they are not 
a problem, which seems to be happening. I also challenge, rightfully so,
claims of "invasives" _causing problems_; i.e. unwarranted trumped up 
charges against a plant. Often, follow the money trail to see the root 
cause of this. I grant no special consideration for conventional 
agriculture, i.e. broadacre monocrop farming; everything other than the 
cash crop is invasive. They need to practice natural farming. The third 
world will not starve w/o conventional, chemical-based or gmo 
agriculture, a ploy to gain control of a nation's food supply, 
destroying traditional farming infrastructure in the process. Again, I 
challenge the "causing problems" rationale to justify eradication of 
certain plants. To tell homeowners that they need to go out and cut down 
and dig up eleagnus wherever it is found is ludicrous and ridiculous. 
Look at the lists of invasive plants and think about how many have 
positive attributes and can easily be controlled with careful
planning and manual labor. Less TV and more hand weeding.

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