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I have one in the basement that I tried for while, I did not have much success with woody material, but I think I need to revisit it. It works great with basil and tomatoes though. 

If you have ant special tricks or tips, I would love to here it

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I have been thinking about getting a cloning machine for a couple years. I
got busy with some other things, so I put off the purchase. This system is
used for rooting cuttings. Google "cloning machine" if you want more

A little over a month ago I purchased a cloning machine called OxyClone.
With just water circulating by a small pump, I have had roots form on
cuttings without the need for rooting hormones. The list of plants that
have rooted so far include Rosa canina, Goumi, tomato, and basil. I have
some asian pear cuttings that have formed a big callus like they are trying
to send out root hairs. I took the cuttings in November. I think I may have
more success with cuttings of new growth in early summer.

I would like to hear if any other NAFEX people have had success with a
cloning machine. I have been looking for papers or textbooks that discuss
this method of propagation. If anyone can help me find some reference
material on this topic, I would appreciate it.

Mark Lee, Seattle
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