[nafex ibiblio list] Nick Bottner's collection

Chris Garriss cgarriss at garriss.net
Sun Jan 8 21:01:12 EST 2012

I'm not currently a NAFEX member, but am a member of this list.  What you
you've said makes a great deal of sense to me - letting such a collection
potentially be destroyed would be terrible.  Too many other collections
have disappeared to the developer's 'dozers.

On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 8:16 PM, <david.maxwell at dal.ca> wrote:

> Nick has apparently decided to quit.  His property, with trees, beasts,
> and beautiful house is
> advertised for sale.  This raises a significant question, which harkens
> back to a posting I
> made a week or two ago:  what is going to happen to his collection, which
> is billed as "the
> largest private collection in the Milky way".  He has something in the
> order of 4000 cultivars.
> Compare this with the Geneva repository, who apparently have about 1500.
>  That is, there
> are about 2500 cultivars in Nick's orchard that do not even exist in the
> official government
> germplasm repository.  With luck somebody will buy Nick's place who will
> maintain the
> collection.  But there is a real risk that some rich developer or
> something could buy it and
> bulldoze the whole thing, with the loss of all this material.
> I am in Canada and am prohibited from importing anything from the States.
>  (This is a whole
> 'nother issue which is not germane here.)  But I wonder whether NAFEX
> could take on as a
> really valuable project the preservation of this germplasm, (since
> government is unlikely to be
> either able or willing to do so, else they would have done it before now.)
>  If each member
> agreed to take, say 10 different cultivars to act as a repository of those
> particular ones, we
> could disseminate the whole collection in a distributed network.  We would
> need to keep a
> central record of who has what, and it would probably be a very good idea
> to farm out each
> cultivar to at least two different guardians.  But I would suggest that
> this would constitute a
> really worthwhile purpose for the organisation.  Thoughts?
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