[nafex ibiblio list] Eleagnus umbellata, Autumn Olive - interested in sources for seedlings of this plant

Idell Weydemeyer iwgarden at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 8 11:14:16 EST 2012


 I do like all the hidden Spring autumn olives  that I have, although I
enjoy Charlie's Gold sicne it is a gold color and has a slightly different
taste. They are the smallest of all I have though.-- all are better than the
sort of standard ones found growing in various public places around here.
This area is not one where they can run wild so we do not have the variety
of ones in public places in like the Carolinas and Tennessee where there
maybe some  very good tasting wild ones.


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On 1/7/2012 11:07 PM, Idell Weydemeyer wrote:
> Some autumn olive are much tastier than others. Some are very
> tart/astringent and others are sweet. I have 5 named varieties, one
> one  and one that is evergreen. My two favorites are Charles's Gold and
> evergreen one that I have named Florence Strange for the woman who gave it
> to me. All but 1 of the named varieties are from Hidden Springs nursery in
> Tennessee--but they are phasing them out since they are considered a pest
> that area. Mine, However, have never set one seedling and I have had them
> for at least 12-15 years. I live in the dry west in near the coast in
> northern California.

Thanks very much for this information, Idell. I will contact HS to 
purchase the variety you recommended. Also, I would be satisfied to have 
a wild variety shown in the video I posted a link to. I imagine that 
came from the upper midwest, maybe Wisconsin.

Found this  with a Google search:

Order Plants - Hidden Springs Nursery
In Spring, they have pretty bell-shaped flowers and,in Fall, the foliage 
is a .... "Celeste" (also called TN Mountain) - medium to small fruit 
with a tasty rose pulp. ...
Contact - Hidden Springs Nursery
Address Hidden Springs Nursery 170 Hidden Springs Lane Cookeville, TN 
38501. Email (the best way to reach us) 
hiddenspringsnursery at hotmail.com. Web ...
Hidden Springs Nursery
At Hidden Springs Nursery, our primary objective is not to make huge 
profits, but to provide plants we feel good about and to make an honest, 
simple living.
Place page - Write a review
	170 Hidden Springs Lane  Cookeville, TN 38501-9178
(931) 268-2592

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