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Hi Dan,

I can definitely get another standard type apricot (P. armeniaca instead of P. manshurica), but I'm into uncommon stuff which sometimes ends up being better in one or two aspects then the common stuff, which is better in many aspects - but not in those one or two that the uncommon one is good for.  For instance, I love Ficus johannis spp. afghanistanica (Afghan fig - not the cultivar of common fig 'Afghan'), and in some ways I prefer it to a standard F. carica once in a while.  I grow wild strawberries, A. stolonifera juneberry, Viburnum lentago, wild fruits of all sorts.  So, if Manchurian apricot has something special to offer not found in a standard species apricot, then I might as well add it.  Also, do you feel somewhat confident that 'Jerseycot' is a self-fertile variety of common apricot?


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	worth growing in zone 6?
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Jerseycot is supposed to be self-fruitful.  It doesn't need a pollinator.

 From what I see on the net Manchurian Apricot is recommended for zone 3 to 6.  
You may be able to 
get a much better cultivar for your area.  Where are you located?


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