[nafex ibiblio list] Nitrogen-fixing shrubs: risk for fire-bligh in pear & questions re: suckering

Hector Black hblack1925 at fastmail.fm
Mon Jan 2 18:04:07 EST 2012

Hi Steven,
     You're right about Goumi not spreading by rhizomes.  It will get to be 
a sizeable bush, maybe 15 ft.  But I haven't noticed the same - fixing 
effect that Autumn olive has.  Seems less, although it does have the nodules 
with Frankia bacteria.
     I think Goumi about get too big for pot culture.  Have your tried sea 
buckthorn in your climate.  We had a lot of japanese beetle damage and our 
humidity seemed to cause a problem with foliar fungi.  Pots would work for 
Sea Buckthorn, but you would miss out on the N-fixing?    The foliage of 
some (perhaps all?) eleagnaceae is high N.
     hector black, zone 6, middle tn
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pear & questions re: suckering

> Group:
> I was planning on planting some nitrogen-fixing shrubs (sea-buck thorn; 
> goumi; buffaloberry) about 15 to 20' away from of an Asian pear - then, I 
> realized that excess nitrogen in the soil will encourage fire-blight, 
> unfortunately.
> 1. Does it sound safe to say that the goumi (Elaeagnus multiflora) is the 
> least likely to have roots that would extend far from the plant?  I assume 
> that it doesn't spread via rhizome, that it only suckers around its base?
> 2. If I plant sea-buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) and buffaloberry 
> (Shepherdia argentea) next to my lawn, will suckers extending from the 
> plant that typically form new (yet clonal) plants at a distance from the 
> original if I put that rubber/plastic weed barrier strip around the plant.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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