[nafex] Multiple fruit trees IN SAME hole - so that they fuse

Idell Weydemeyer iwgarden at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 27 16:34:25 EST 2012

I planted new fruits about 2-3 feet from existing fruits so have several
trees of the same kind in a small cluster. It has been several years 2-5 and
they are doing well. I have not used the 3/hole super close but do summer
pruning to keep these and all trees including mulberries and avocados (but
not nut trees) 7-9 feet tall. Pomegranates are easy to put close together
since they can be made into bushes/small trees.

Idell iN zone 9 in the San Francisco bay Area.

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What would happen if you planted 3 varieties of, for instance, sweet cherry
in the same hole, all on the same rootstocks; but not plant them 12" to 30"
apart, but just 3" apart.  Undoubtedly, they would eventually fuse
(inosculate).  Since you would, typically, maintain the tree with pruning,
why couldn't you control the tree's ultimate structure so that the most
dominate variety or varieties do not prevail over the least vigorous with a
pruning program?

I'm thinking of planting all of my cherries in the same hole; then all of my
pears in another; etc.  

I wonder why I can't find mature, time-tested examples of the Dave Wilson
approach, which is different from this plan.

Steve; NJ
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