[nafex] Silverberry

alexis at conev.org alexis at conev.org
Tue Feb 21 13:49:50 EST 2012

Eleagnus umbellata is not the same as eleagnus pungens. Eleagnus umbellata blooms in the spring, and ripens in the fall, commonly known as autumn olive, and is VERY invasive in the southeast. Eleagnus pungens, called silverberry by some (other berries seem to go by this moniker as well) blooms in the fall and carries its fruit through winter, ripening very early in the spring, in winter in the far south, also listed as invasive in some places. I don't know if it is as aggressive in spreading as autumn olive. Sounds like there is at least one vote for the fruit of pungens not making it through zone 6 winters. If anyone has any comment on the invasiveness of pungens in zone 7, that would be useful too. I know the autumn olive is completely out of control in central VA. Would be pleased to have pungens in later winter early spring if it will ripen fruit here and if it is not invasive in this climate. 

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