[nafex] Re Bagging Plums(recent nafex digest) & Bagged Grapes

Michael Foster birdcrazie at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 21 09:39:51 EST 2012

I looked it up and I think this is what he is usinghttp://www.uline.com/BL_202/Cloth-Parts-Bags 



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> Subject: Re: [nafex] Re Bagging Plums(recent nafex digest) & Bagged  Grapes
> Lyle,
> Would you give us a little extra detail on the bags you used, 
> something like a link to the exact type of bag with a picture, so I 
> could have a better idea of what you are talking about...
> Thanks,
> Claude
> Lyle wrote:
> >This past season, I bagged plums with cloth draw string bags. I was 
> >pleased  with results but we had a cool, wet summer so maybe the 
> >result would be different in a more normal season. I plan to do some 
> >again this coming season.
> >I have bagged grapes with cloth draw string bags for 3 seasons on 
> >three different varieties and am very please with that. Besides the 
> >grape bunches being full and without insect damage, the bagged 
> >grapes remain in good condition, actual becoming sweeter well beyond 
> >the grape season. The first year I accidently overlooked three bags. 
> >I found one of these bags about a month after the season, in about 
> >mid October and the other two in mid November. They were in good 
> >shaped and tasted so good, now deliberately leave bags for later 
> >fresh eating and grazing. I purchased these small draw string (parts 
> >bags) from a Uline Company catalog.
> >L Cherney WI  zone 4a
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