[nafex] Fort Meyers Fruit Fun?

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Thu Dec 27 22:42:53 EST 2012

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> I'll be traveling to Fort Meyers, FL in a few weeks for a family 
> vacation.
> Any fruit fun to be had in the area? Interesting orchards, arboretum,
> markets, etc.
> Also, what might be ripe? What should I look for? I don't know much about
> tropical fruit.   

Sorry, I hit the wrong button on the previous message and it got sent 
before completed. 

On Pine Island there was a nursery that included tropical fruit trees. I 
visited there a few years back. You might check that out. Take FL highway 78 
to the Island, only road that gets on Pine Island. Once on the beautiful 
island turn north at the stop sign. Only one road that goes the length of the 
island. It was on the east side of the highway about 2 miles north of the stop 
intersection.  I don't remember the name of the nursery. 

While on the island travel all the way north where there is a wonderful sea 
food restaurant across the road from a great beach. 


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