[nafex] Juglone toxity: growing ... near Walnut-family trees

Steven C filtertitle at aol.com
Thu Dec 27 17:30:14 EST 2012


It's well-understood that black walnut exceeds, respectively, English (/Carpathian) walnut and hickory in its juglone toxicity to juglone-sensative plants (i.e. bluberry, pears, etc.).  However, "to a lesser extent" means very little to me.  

Will a juglone-sensitive plant be at all negatively impacted by the effects of being planted near an English walnut - or, being yet lower in juglone concentration, a hickory tree?  My suspicion is: to an extent, yes w/English walnut (J. regia), to much less an extent w/hickory (except maybe to a large extent w/pecan hickory).

Any anecdotal evidences here?


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