[nafex] Mulching blueberries question

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Tue Dec 25 22:49:13 EST 2012

David Liezen asked,    "Several times I've seen advice to avoid fertilizing 
blueberries - they can be overwhelmed, apparently, chemically "burned" I 
suppose, which is why duck droppings can be such a boon. What do you advise 
in encouraging growth and fruit for blueberries?"

    Every couple of years I get a soil analysis done by K Laboratories, 
Inc., 2323 Jackson Street, Oskosh, WI  54901.  They specialize in analyzing 
and recommendations for high value crops, which includes blueberries.  I 
have compared their work with other labs finding K Lab..........'s work more 
reliable and worth the extra $10 for the test.  I only have twenty five 
blueberry plants and an equal size patch of lingonberries and always find 
the soil test well worth the expense.

Jim Fruth
Pequot lakes, MN

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