[nafex] Saskatoons (A. alnifolia) varieties for the warmer regions

Louis Pittman lpittman at murraystate.edu
Sun Dec 23 11:17:30 EST 2012

I've had tissue-cultured specimens of Regent, Smokey, Northline, Theissen,
 Forestburg, and a couple other saskatoon (A.alnifolia/stolonifera)
selections growing here for 15+ years;  All have been easily surpassed by
two cheap (~$1ea.) little row-run seedlings (Timm & Success) that I got
from the defunct Bear Creek Nursery, planted around the same time, and in
the same site as the named selections.
The tissue-cultured specimens, grown in pots for one year prior to
outplanting, have always seemed to 'struggle' - sparse foilage, and what's
there is perennially plagued with leaf spot; fruiting has been even more
sparse than the leaves.  The row-run seedlings are healthy, vigorous, and
fruit well.

Additionally, I planted A.obovata "Jennybelle', purported to be of more
'Southern' origin, around the same time.  Performance has been similar to
the weak alnifolia types.
Again row-run seedlings of an A.x grandiflora type, from BCN, have been
vigorous and heavy-fruiting. They're my wife's favorite berry.

Your mileage may vary

Lucky Pittman
Hopkinsville, KY

On Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 12:53 PM, Steven Covacci <filtertitle at aol.com>wrote:

> In addition to the typical species of serviceberry/juneberries, What
> varieties of saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia) specifically can grow in
> zone 6b/7a?  I believe that 'Regent' is one such that can deal with the
> heat.  I grow A. canadensis, A. laevis, A. stolonifera, and hybrids of
> these, but I'd really like to grow A. alnifolia.  It's untrue to claim they
> will not thrive in my region because NYC (zone 7a) has many successful,
> thriving plantings of it (I just don't know what varieties they plant).
> I have 'Regent' (hasn't yet fruited) and might want to try Smokey, Martin
> and Northline.
> Thanks,
> Steve (NJ)
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