[nafex] Was:Pine needle mulch, now: Blueberries in high pH

Andrew Hahn andrew.p.hahn at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 09:47:28 EST 2012

Thanks for the amendment suggestions, I hadn't though of soybean meal as
being particularly good for acid loving plants and avoided Gypsum so as not
to rais the pH. Probably time to test the soil again to see what it needs.

I had wondered why naturally occurring fungi would not be picked up and
couldn't find much about how common thy were. It is pretty likely my soil
has at least some, while I don't know of any ericaceous plants here in the
plains, 20 miles away the mountains have serval species.

Very helpful, thank you.


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> An excellent, inexpensive, and organic (especially if non-GMO) source of N
> for blueberries and other acid-loving plants is soybean meal. Good for any
> plant, in fact.
> I did graduate research involving ericoid mycorrhiza and found no effect
> from inoculations. In fact it was hard to keep control plants from picking
> up inoculum as a general contaminant. The only exception would be places
> where blueberries or ericaceous plants are naturally absent and plants are
> raised without any source of contamination -- in Australia, for instance.

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