[nafex] fruit trees and bushes for Northwestern Montana also Rosemary

Martha Davis martha_davis at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 15 13:14:23 EST 2012

Re:  fruit trees and bushes for Northwestern Montana

While I am not In Northern Montana I did go to the NAFEX meeting at U of S
last summer.  Some of the bush cherries they developed ought to work well.
 They are a sour cherry Mongolian cherry cross. They look like good
commercial possibilities there. They have also been tested in North Dakota.
 They are Crimson Passion and Carmine Jewel (there are other varieties, but
not in the US yet).  Fedco has them and I think either Gurney's or or Henry
Fields also has it and perhaps others.  You might try the U of S Haskup
 and amelanchier releases as well.

Re. Arp Rosemary in Spokane:

I am also a dry Zone 6 with some rosemary experience.  I find that in a dry
winter with no snow cover Arp looses enough moisture through it's leaves
that it needs supplemental water to make it through the winter.  On the
other hand you can over do it too.  I recomend planting on a slight mound
with a nearby dip for water, but so that it doesn't sit on the crown.  A
south facing microsite with protection from winter winds is also an
advantage.  Most other sites don't work here in Zone 5/6 border in high
elevation New Mexico

Martha Davis

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