[nafex] fruit trees and bushes for Northwestern Montana

david liezen chandos49 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 14 16:46:57 EST 2012

Blueberries: Patriot, Elizabeth, Toro and Spartan, Bluegold and others that ripen earlier, even Jersey is worth trying.

Pie cherry: both Montmorency and Morello are hardy and easy to tend (I own and love English Morello)

Apples: early- Discovery, Summer Rambo (Rambour Franc), Duchess of Oldenburg, Monark?; mid season - Hubbardston Nonesuch, Lord Lambourne, Liberty, Ribston Pippin, Holstein; late - Pomme Grise, Winesap, Court Pendu Plat, Stoke Red (cider), Tom Putt, Edelborsdorfer, Roter Eiserapfel (you'll need to get scion wood and graft your own of the last two), Zabergaü Renette, Winston. 
For root stocks you might look at getting BUd 9 for vigorous trees like Roter Eiserapfel and Summer Rambour - and stake permanently; Geneva 30, 202 or 935 for mid sized (most); Bud 118 or MM 106 for something puny like Court Pendu Plat.

Tried black currants? Consort, Titania, Ben More and Ben Sarek; Crandall (Ribes odoratum) shows promise.

Strawberries are worth a look.

I have a thornless raspberry that is fruitful and seems quite hardy. Raintree has one called Autumn Britten that sounds promising, "best raspberry for the upper Midwest".

No doubt there are people in your area that can testify to cultivars they have proven.

Dave Liezen

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> Subject: [nafex] fruit trees and bushes for Northwestern Montana
> Hi all-
> Do you have some specific fruit tree/bush recommendations for Northwestern
> Montana, in that area north of Kalispell, near the Canadian border at about
> 3,00 feet (near Eureka) .
> We have been growing 5 varieties of apples- -all are over 80-90 years old so
> I am not sure what they are. We also have white currants and strawberries
> and some raspberries and gooseberries. There are wild serviceberries (some
> get rust), chokecherries, currants and raspberries and strawberries.
> Some specific recommendations would really be appreciated-I know some people
> in the area (at a slightly lower elevation) are growing some pears and
> plums.
> Idell Weydemeyer
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