[nafex] Favorite plums

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Thu Dec 13 18:18:37 EST 2012

This topic is on favorite plums, separate by grouping: Japanese, European and North American
1. Japanese plums: does anyone feel that Shiro is better than Methley?  Is Shiro partially self-fertile?  Will P. americana pollinate these hybrid Japanese plums (P. cerasifera x salicina).
2. European plums: does anyone feel d'Agen is a better-flavored plum than Imperial Epineuse?  Is Green Gage (one single type?) the best P. x domestica plum?
3. Native plums: what are your thoughts on cultivars and the straight species of American plum, chickasaw plum, wild goose plums (P. munsoniana; P. rivularis; P. hortulana)?  Is Guthrie (P. augustifolia x spp.) much better flavored than the straight species A. augustifolia.
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