[nafex] Flat stem question

Michael Dossett phainopepla at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 10 13:51:44 EST 2012

Pete's links gave some good information on this condition.  I've seen this on occasion in black raspberry as well as many other plants over the years.  In Rubus, it is not known or believed to have any connection to viral infection.  Usually it is caused by either some sort of growth regulator imbalance or damage to the meristem.  'Waldo' trailing blackberry is one Rubus cultivar that seems to have a genetic tendency to throw fasciated canes on an intermittent but regular basis; however, even in this case, if you cut out the canes the plant will usually produce normal canes the following year.
My experience with fasciated black raspberry canes is that they tend not to perform as well as a normal cane in the second year.  While black raspberry is prone to verticillium wilt causing loss of cane hardiness and poor performance on surviving floricanes in the second year, my impression is that the problems stem from some sort of vascular issue which may or may not be related.  The laterals tend not to be as firmal attached and grow weakly, though it is hard to eliminate verticillium as the cause of the poor performance since I know it was in every field where I've seen this.  Where I have seen this though, normal canes from the same plants did not have the same performance problems and the plants continued to produce normal canes in the seasons after the fasciated ones were removed.
Michael Dossett
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The flat stem condition is called fasciation; Gina Fernandez at UNC did a short article on it last spring at http://teamrubus.blogspot.com/2012/05/fascinating-floricane-fasciation.html

More general writeup from Colorado State is at

If you don't need the plant, my tendency would be to take it out. 

I've only seen this once on my own stuff, but that was on one primocane on a plant that was on its way out anyway. 

Pete Tallman
Longmont, CO    zone 5 or so                         
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