[nafex] Pine-nuts

David Consolvo fruitopia at firstva.com
Sat Dec 8 20:16:48 EST 2012

I saw a Korean TV show about small-scale farming, which showed a video of how they 
harvested nuts from what I assume were Korean pines.  Unfortunately, the method 
was climbing the 30-40 foot trees to get the cones.

A neat trick after that was roasting the entire cones on coals of an outdoor fire.  This 
not only roasted the nuts, but also opened up the cones for easier nut extraction.

Have y'all seen the shell on pine nuts though?  They are hard.  It must take a long time 
to extract much nutmeat from those little things.

~David Consolvo
Hungrytown Virginia, where the Korean pine trees are ~12 years old and only ~12 feet 
high.  No cones yet.

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>Steve - Mine stay on the tree and open.  The critters get whatever drops.  I've 
thought about knocking them off with a long pole but never have done it.  Maybe 
others have had better luck.    Hector
>On Dec 8, 2012, at 2:00 PM, Steven Covacci wrote:
>> Thanks, Lucky - I'll contact him.  Hector Black: I didn't know that pine cones were 
not harvested when they fall of the tree??
>> Steve
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