[nafex] NAFEX security

Elizabeth Hilborn ehilborn at mebtel.net
Mon Dec 3 08:42:22 EST 2012

Yes, our posts all show up on Google. I am assuming it was a 
housekeeping e-mail for the list that was posted at some point.

On 12/3/2012 1:12 AM, Steve wrote:
> Wow, you found it on a Google search? I should try to duplicate that on
> myself.
> I'm not too worried though. The password I use here is used nowhere
> else. My password for Facebook is similar but bank accounts and mail
> passwords are 100% different.
> On 12/1/2012 1:13 PM, Elizabeth Hilborn wrote:
>> I totally agree Al. I believe that this practice is the source of seeing
>> my NAFEX password at the time associated with my name publicly in a
>> Google search a couple of years ago. Very sobering experience!

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