[nafex] WILD GOOSE plum, Hector Black, et al.; nafex Digest, Vol 119, Issue 1

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Sat Dec 1 15:55:40 EST 2012

Hi Steven,
     This must have been 25 years ago and I don't have any record of who the man was.  Only that he lived in Florida.  He called it wild goose.  I didn't know it was munsoniana till Gennadi told me.
    I'd be glad to send you scion wood but would need a reminder in Feb, March.  Probably Feb would be best as we can get warm weather in March.
      I have some other plums, but wild goose flowers just a little later.  The other plums are Russian, myrobalan hybrids.  
      I hope this is helpful.   Best wishes,   Hector   

On Dec 1, 2012, at 12:12 PM, Steven Covacci wrote:

> Hi Hector,
> That sounds great!  I'd definitely appreciate some scion-wood, if you wouldn't mind sending me some in the spring.  I just want to make sure it's the proper cultivar 'Wild Goose' and not the species also called wild-goose.  Prunus munsoniana goes under a number of species common names (wild-goose plum, Munson's plum, etc.).  Three old varieties of P. munsoniana are 'Late Goose' (available through ARS), 'Improved Wild Goose' (probably lost to history), and 'Wild Goose' which is hopefully the one you have.  Would you mind asking the person who gave you the plum from Florida if its variety name is 'Wild Goose' in addition to the species.  So, we're talking 'Wild Goose' variety of wild-goose plum.  I have no idea why they thought it a good idea to label the cultivar by the species name.  That would be as confusing then, say, labeling a cultivated variety of wild rice as also 'Wild Rice'.
> Do you have other plums which pollinate your "Wild Goose" plum.  Because one characteristic of P. munsoniana is that it is not self-fertile and if your plum fruits without a pollinator, then it is likely a hydrid between P. munsoniana (wild goose) and another species of plum that, unlike P. musoniana, bears perfect-flowers. 
> If you don't communicate any long with the person who gave you the plum but know his name, I'd gladly look him up and see if I might be able to get in contact with him.  
> Thank you very much!
> Steve NJ
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> I have a plum which was called "Wild Goose" that I got from someone in Florida 
> many years ago.  It has a red-purple skin and yellow flesh, is a pretty reliable 
> bearer in this late frost prone area.  Branches break from overload of fruit.  
> Some damage from curculio but always some fruit.   I believe Gennadi Eremin 
> recognized it as munsoniana when he was here.  Plenty of scion wood.
>      Hector Black, zone 6 middle tn.
> On Nov 30, 2012, at 8:22 PM, Steven Covacci wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm looking for scion-wood of Munson's Plum cv. 'Wild Goose' - Prunus 
> munsoniana.  Does anyone know someone who might have this cutlivar or another 
> cultivar (other than an open-pollinated seedling of this variety, and other than 
> the cultivar 'Late Goose' which is really a selection of a subspecies of P. 
> munsoniana - ARS has it)?___________________________
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