[nafex] how to tell when to pick apples

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Tue Aug 28 17:24:55 EDT 2012

Bandits and Scallywags; The easiest way to determine the ripeness of an apple is by using the Starch Index test.There are tons of articles on the web explaining it.I've done it myself; it's easy. When you are ready to try it, get a potato and a ripe apple. Cut flat slices of each, about 1/4" thick, right across the equator on the apple. Putting the Iodine solution on the potato will turn it black, but will hardly color a ripe apple at all. Cover the whole apple slice with solution, wait 30 seconds, then tilt the apple letting excess run off. You may notice that the area nearest the core has more sugar / less starch! The web will have tons of photos showing results as such. The solution is 1 part Tincture of Iodine and 4 parts water by volume. A 5 tsp batch is enough. The tincture must be the USP stuff that is 2% iodine, alcohol, and Iodide as well. It comes in small bottles 1 oz at the drug store for $3.00 PROVIDONE Iodine / Betadyne DOES NOT WORK ! Remember; if you want to store apples in the cellar, don't wait for them to be totally ripe. Pick them when they begin to transition. Murph    		 	   		  

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