[nafex] Relocating squirrels

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Wed Aug 15 23:50:34 EDT 2012


On 8/15/2012 7:50 PM, Louis Pittman wrote:
> 2. It's often inhumane - either for the relocated animal or the existing
> population you release them into

I don't care about the ones I released. If they die, that's OK.
I'm not worried about the existing population because there is no 
existing population where I took them.

> 3. It's biologically - consider the potential for introduction of
> disease/parasites into the population you release into.

Again, there is no existing population. Around here, Gray squirrels 
exist only in town where they can raid bird feeders all winter.

> 4. You may just be dumping your problem on another person.

There are no people there either. Maybe some of them will travel and 
happen to find the few houses in the area 4 or 5 miles away.

If I lived out of town I would just be shooting them. In town that is 
not only illegal but also strictly enforced. If I killed them, my 
neighbors would complain loudly. Moving them they have no problem with, 
even though we all, in this group, know that killing them would be better.
Will they enforce any laws about moving animals (if someone finds out)? 
Well, one of the two traps we borrowed came from a local forest ranger.


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