[nafex] Cedar Apple Rust

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Mon Apr 30 11:35:57 EDT 2012

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> It has been a bad year for cedar apple rust. This is the first time I 
> have seen my apple trees seriously affected.
> Question- do I prune out infected and drooping new growth/fruit clusters 
> as I would fire blight? It had affected much of the leaves on my Summer 
> King apple, so I am reluctant to remove all affected growth, but I do 
> not know the consequences of inaction for the long-term.

Hi Betsy,

There are others more qualified to answer this than I, but here goes. 

Fireblight is removed as it will severally injure and even kill some apple 
species if not cut out. Cedar Apple Rust will typically not kill the tree 
and little damage if the infection is light. I wouldn't cut out the infected 
limbs but I would remove every cedar tree in the area. Encourage your 
neighbor to do the same. Cedar trees, especially Red Cedar, are the winter host of 
the fungus. Those pretty orange balls seen in the cedar trees that kinda 
look like flowers are the spore releasing organs. If you can't bring yourself 
to remove the cedar trees certainly watch early spring for the pretty orange 
balls and destroy them.


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