[nafex] 'Black Pearl Thornless' blackberry source?

Melissa Kacalanos mijwiz at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 26 11:34:57 EDT 2012


I consider any plant hardy here unless I've killed it myself at least twice, so I'm not ruling out 'Black Pearl' yet. I've been surprised that some herbs that aren't supposed to be hardy here, which I was planning on growing as annuals, overwintered just fine.

I guess I'll order 'Black Diamond' as a substitute, but the official description of it from the USDA says it's less delicious than 'Black Pearl.'

Thanks for your generous offer of other plants in fall. What varieties do you have? I have plants to trade if you like. I'm overrun with strawberries, for instance, and also have lots of tasty herbs.


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Melissa, Black Pearl is not hardy for you.  I tried growing it several years and it died back every year.  I am in zone 7 so your odds will be worse than mine.

I am trying a dozen or so different trailing blackberries now and several appear to be hardy for me, but the final verdict is not in yet (last winter it only got down to about 10F, putting me in zone 8!).  If you want a couple plants to experiment with email me late fall and I can dig up and mail them to you.  You also may want to try Black Diamond, it didn't die back at all for me yet.  One Green World is selling it now.  Don't look at the zones in the catalogs for these blackberries, they are almost always wrong.


On Apr 25, 2012, at 10:45 PM, Melissa Kacalanos wrote:

> Last year, I ordered a 'Black Pearl Thornless' blackberry from Raintree. It arrived dead. They offered to replace it for free this year, but now they don't have it, and are offering something else in exchange.
> I could just accept that it's my fate to never grow 'Black Pearl.' Is it available anywhere? My attempt at googling doesn't turn up any nurseries selling it. If anyone here has a rooted cutting or something to spare, I could trade other plants for it.
> Melissa
> Central NY, recently reclassified from zone 5 to zone 6.
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