[nafex] Rootstock for astringent Japanese persimmon in the Northeast: D. lotus vs D. virginiana

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Sun Apr 22 21:19:48 EDT 2012

Which rootstock is a better choice for Japanese persimmon (D. kaki) in the Northeast: D. lotus or D. virginiana.
A couple points:
*A study in California found that D. lotus, supposedly, forms a larger tree then D. kaki on D. virginiana, even though D. virginiana forms a larger tree than D. lotus, both in natural form.
*Of course, non-astringents will graft-reject on D. lotus
*D. virginiana is more resistant to soil-born pathogens; D. lotus cannot handle highly mesic soils.
*D. lotus transplants better, lacking the deep tap-root of D. virginiana.
*Since, in the Northeast, there is no concern of persimmon-wilt caused by Acromonium diospyri, the advantage of D. lotus being resistant to A. diospyri is a non-issue.

So, which is a better root-stock for grafting astringent persimmons: D. lotus or D. virginiana - in the Northeast.
p.s. a topic which is really complicated, chromosome counts - D. lotus is 30; D. virginiana - depending on eco-region - is 60 or 90; AND D. kaki can be any where from [a real low number, forgot] to 180 (2n=180; x=15).
So, I have a feeling some cultivars would do best on D. lotus where as others best on D. virginiana 60-c and best on D. virginiana 90-c; and some would not do well with any of these, but would need a strain-appropriate variety of D. kaki.
Steve; NJ

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