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THE butterfly is a red admiral-- they will go on the apple blooms--

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*This is the 2nd week my Van sweet cheery is in bloom. The good sign is
that I have noticed many pollenators frequenting the blossoms - even I
believe, honey bees. One unusual visitor that I have never noticed
beforeis a small butterfly (image below).

There were actually several butterflies, frolicking in the blossoms and
with one another. They weren't as industrious as the bees but did float to
several blossoms. Perhaps some of our cooler nights (-1 to 2C, -6C three
weeks ago) helped produce and maintain the blossom liquid. ** Hopefully,
the cold nights didn't do extensive damage to the fragile blossoms.
I have never seen such profuse blossoms on plum, cherry, peach and pear
(warm/lack-of winter?). Some apples are blooming, some are just going into
green bud. Have already killled many leaf rollers. Peaches finishing. Pears
blossoms ready to explode.

**Very very dry, ground cracking - had to water all fruits.** Everything is
2-3 weeks early.

About two years ago, I reported to this list that I spouted several seeds
of Goji berries. This past fall, I put 4 young plants in the ground. Three
are sprouting and healthy - a tree rat unearthed the 4th. Not really a good
winter to assess their hardiness in my zone - but does look promising.


john b
Cdn Zone 6b
Just north of Toronto
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