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Jim Freeman jf at gctruck.com
Mon Apr 16 14:50:20 EDT 2012

Good Afternoon Vernon,

Our farm is near the GA/TN line and we are running our first thinning
spray this week. We will run a mild mixture of Sevin + MaxCel +
surfactant. A great guide to thinning and other growth regulating
strategies by NC State University is available online at

I also have a 1 acre test orchard that has received no frost (thus no
natural thinning) since bloom. I spray 1oz of Sevin XLR liquid (the
bee-safer product) mixed with 80/20 surfactant per each 3 gallons of
water which is equivalent to 1 lb of Carbaryl per 100 gallons. This is a
low rate with a mild thinning action. I prefer to thin a little at a
time over multiple sprays, rather than risk losing too much fruit at any
one time. When our apples average larger than 15mm, I will switch to
selective hand thinning & a low-rate spray of MaxCel at 25ppm,
surfactant  & water to improve fruit size & return bloom. Feel free to
visit anytime you are in the area.

Good Luck!
North Georgia Zone 7
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