[nafex] Old purple leaf plums

Jay Cutts orders at cuttsreviews.com
Sun Apr 15 12:04:20 EDT 2012

We have two large purple leaf plums. I'm wondering if they need some 
kind of pruning. They have a lot of leaves on the edge of the canopy, 
about 8 to 12 feet away from the trunk, but the interior of the tree is 
empty of any leaves. There are also some large areas that are dead.

Is this normal or should the trees by pruned in some way so that the 
canopy is more full? Or are the trees simply too old and should be 
replaced? A lot of branches died last year when we had a record breaking 
cold spell. This year they did flower moderately well and are setting 
some fruit but they look bad with about half of their wood dead and with 
their thin fringe of leaves and empty interiors.



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