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I have several cheap thermometers which I placed out in various parts of the
garden to record the differences. They have to be compared then marked
because I have found up to 3 degrees difference in the thermometers-- I
check them around 10:00 pm and again just before dawn-- then about 2 hours
after dawn. This has given me a cheap way to figure out the microclimates in
my garden. 

What I have also found very useful is to use plants as guides. I have
nasturtiums growing in various places and when one patch freezes and the
other does not, I can get a good idea of the temperature differentials. I
have also used the purple aeoniums as a guide. Other plants would have to be
used to find 28 degrees, 25 degrees, 10 degrees, etc. 

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Thanks to all who responded about the plantcares company and rootstock.  I
was hoping somebody had good things to report about them, but that's not
the case so far!!!  They seem disreputable if they're stealing descriptions
and photos, and also I can't find them on Dave's garden watchdog "the scoop
on..." part, or anywhere on the web except plantcares' own site.  I am
worried  that they might be a scam company possibly.  Anyway, thanks for
the input!

Good luck to all of you who are having cold during the bloom period, ugh.
Richard Moyer makes a good point about using these times to learn about our
microclimates.  I would like to get a slew of minimum/maximum thermometers
and set them out here and there.  This last fall and winter and spring I
was intrigued to observe the areas on my place that had frost, and some
that didn't, and these places were not what I would have thought them to
be...for example some lower lying areas (which I assumed would be frost
pockets) did not have frost some mornings that higher sloping land did.
 However, this was just visual observation of frost on the grass, not temps
read from a minimum recording thermometer.

People might want to take a look at accuweather.com.  It seems that now
they have a forecast for something like 3 WEEKS in the future!!!  You see
that by clicking on "forecast" and eventually on the word "month" near the
top of a forecast that pops up.  Additionally, when viewing the month,  you
have a choice of "view" either being like a calendar or being in list form.
 They show somewhat different info, so it's good to look at both.  The list
view actually has columns for AMOUNT of rainfall and snowfall predicted
rather than just the nebulous 20% chance of showers etc that I don't find
terribly useful usually.

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> Patsy, it looks like they scraped (i.e. stole) those descriptions and
> pictures from some UK nursery websites.  Its too bad as some of those
> varieties sound interesting.  Here is a UK site with many of the exact
> descriptions/pictures for example:
> http://www.grow-your-own-fruit.co.uk/?s=apricot&search=Search
> Scott
> On Apr 11, 2012, at 5:02 PM, Patsy King wrote:
> > Hi all,  and especially Bob Purvis and apricot folks, I encountered the
> > site plantcares.com, which has a link on its left side of the page for
> > "plant database".  When I clicked that and then to apricots, I
> encountered
> > all sorts of wonderful sounding varieties, not to mention a rootstock
> mont
> > clare or mount claire ? that I had not heard of.  When I googled the
> > apricot varieties, all I found were UK sites selling them. However, I
> have
> > emailed the customer service at plantcares.com, and he said they were
> grown
> > by 2 different US nurseries that they get the trees from.  I can't find
> any
> > info on this company...do any of you know about them?  They show an
> address
> > in Louisville KY.  Here is the link to the scrumptious sounding apricot
> > page:
> > http://www.plantcares.com/apricot-tree
> > Thanks for any info anybody has about them!
> > Patsy
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