[nafex] Baba Berry and Kiowa Blackberry and AR varieties

Michael Dossett phainopepla at yahoo.com
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Baba is a primocane fruiting red raspberry.  It has red fruit, has no blackberry charactaristics, and is most certainly not a blackberry x raspberry hybrid.  I have read enough things about Tyty on the web and heard from other people that I take anything I read on their website with a grain of salt.  I have no idea what they are selling, but if the picture matches the plant, it isn't Baba, and neither is their description.
Because you are in Massachusetts, I don't think that Baba can really be recommended for your area.  It is a low-chill variety that is heat tolerant and not terribly cold hardy (although that doesn't matter so much if you are only growing it for the primocane crop).  There are much better adapted raspberry varieties that will do well in your area that have better fruit quality and will likely perform better for you.
As for Kiowa, it is a large fruit with nice flavor, but again I'm hesitant to recommend it for you because it is not particularly cold-hardy either.  Also it suckers underground which could be a problem if you are concerned about controlling it.  I think something like Triple Crown would be a much better choice for your area.

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I had thought Don Yellman had called Baba Berry a raspberry?
Despite praise for the Baba Berry, I still find few sources for it.
One source shows of picture of it looks like a blackberry:
but this article from the LA Times has a picture of Baba that is red:

I have always been reluctant to bring in brambles.
I grew up with some raspberries red and yellow that yielded OK for some 
years but then gradually got viruses and after production declined it took 
many years to get rid of the plants that kept persisting and even 
spreading.  But now there's an area at the corner of the backyard that has 
two black walnuts getting pretty large and one of the few plants that 
naturally associate with black walnuts is brambles.  So if I want  
production of anything else out of the space, it means brambles.  I'm 
hoping that 10 years from now or whenever the brambles become unproductive, 
I'll find some way to smother the brambles.  

A blackberry I thought of bringing in is Kiowa because of large berry size, 
vigor.  Can someone comment on Baba vs. Kiowa?  And can anyone cite a 
reasonably-priced source for either that is recently out of tissue culture? 

As for where-to-buy, I found a page Arkansas [who bred most the current 
blackberries] has listing authorized sellers of its patented varieties:
rop.htm  Thanks  Charlie in Massachusetts
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