[nafex] chernaya lisovenko

david liezen chandos49 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 9 19:20:53 EDT 2012

Where does one obtain this black currant? Raintree has expanded their offerings to 21, but this isn't among them.

Dave Liezen

> Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2012 11:54:46 -0500
> From: antonptak@gmail.com
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> Subject: [nafex] chernaya lisovenko
> the description of these currants does match my experience. I should
> say that I have only a couple years experience with these currants.
> They are upright and compact. I have them at 3' spacing and that seems
> good, though could probably go down to 2' if one were constrained with
> space. I eat them out of hand but certainly there are those that would
> think I was nuts. I do think their taste ranks up there, at least as
> good if not better than Titania (of course, that's completely
> subjective). Their major distinction, as far as I have experienced, is
> their extreme precociousness, fruiting for me (quite surprisingly) very
> heavily in their 2nd year, and thus far, their immunity to disease. I
> have several other varieties that seem to be at least somewhat
> susceptible to anthracnose/leaf spot at my site, if not very
> susceptible, but these have shown no signs of the disease or any effect
> whatsoever with many new canes every year. They can be a little tricky
> to pick, as there are usually fully ripe currants and completely green
> currants on the same, tight cluster, making picking in the first couple
> weeks of production very time consuming. If I were to delay picking
> until more of them come ripe, I'd lose a decent amount dropping of the
> plants, so selective picking seems necessary.
> They also make a great dry wine with champagne yeast.
> Now to search for the gooseberry that is resistant to leaf spot. . . .
> pixwell is horrible in that regard. I'm currently trialing colossal,
> invicta, and black velvet, and soon to be planted hinomaki red.
> Anton Ptak
> zone 4a W. Wisc
> PS> I have no idea what is meant by underground blooming. . . .???
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