[nafex] Open Centre versus Central Leader

Caren Kirk quirky at videotron.ca
Mon Apr 2 08:28:41 EDT 2012

  I am hoping someone can help me clear up some confusion I have with 
open centre and central leader pruning techniques. I have read certain 
books on fruit tree care that state categorically that central leader is 
the best way to prune, giving a better shaped tree. I have read others 
that state that for the home orchardist, open centre technique is the 
one way to guarantee smaller trees for easy harvest. I have read further 
material that suggests that pruning technique is particular to species 
(e.g. peaches should be open centre, pears, central leader), and even 
varieties (certain upright apples, central leader, other drooping forms, 
open centre).

Can anyone offer any insight/ advice/ clarifications? By the way I have 
apples, crab apples, pears, plums, peach, apricot and cherries.


Caren Kirk
St. Jerome, QC

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