[NAFEX] NPR had a story on the pawpaw

Naomi Counides naomi at oznayim.us
Fri Sep 30 10:52:07 EDT 2011

Yes, I heard it.. so thrillllling to be on the cutting edge, in the avaunt
garde, ahead of the curve, a fashion setter..... my Aunt Becky had a tree in
her yard.  

And while I am reveling in my au courant status.. I will reveal that NPR on
Splendid Table two weeks ago had thing on cheesemaking.
http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/listings/110917/ I did take a look at
the  guest's book on line.  She went around and got a cheese recipe form
different cheesemakers.  Was a little disappointed that her mozzarella was
just the citric acid version, no bacterial culture.. but Oh well.

(just a hint of tongue in cheek in the  above)

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