[NAFEX] maybe a "malicious" message?

david.maxwell at dal.ca david.maxwell at dal.ca
Thu Sep 29 17:53:49 EDT 2011

Actually there are two wholly independent organisations involved here.  The ibiblio list is 
hosted by the Univ. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, who host many hundreds of "public 
interest" lists, including this one.  Despite the name, this listserv actually has no official 
connection to NAFEX.  NAFEX, on the other hand, has their own (newly created) website, 
complete with forums, and all the paraphenalia of modern websites.  It also includes the 
periodic issues of Pomona.  This website does require membership in NAFEX to access 
many parts of it.  Ginda is right that membership in NAFEX can be purchased in 1,2,or 3 year 
terms.  It is very possible that messages about renewal are indeed coming from NAFEX, and 
refer to NAFEX membership.  Look at the sender address.  (Yes, this can be spoofed, but if it 
says "nafex", it very probably is NAFEX.)  You can renew your NAFEX membership on-line 
through the jazzy new NAFEX website. The iblio listserv, (this one), does not require either 
membership in NAFEX, nor renewal.

> I got a similar note.
> We used to be able to buy membership for 1, 2, or 3 years. I wouldn't
> be surprised if it's time for me to resubscribe. 
> You don't need to be a member to be on this mailing list, but being a
> member supports the organization, and I guess it still gets you access
> to the online Pomona and maybe there's still an annual hardcopy
> publication? Also, members get invited to the annual meeting (or they
> used to, when they got Pomona mailed to them) and can borrow books
> from the NAFEX library. I haven't yet followed the link, but I am
> pretty sure it is legit. 
> Ginda

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