[NAFEX] Dead Dwarf Trees in espaliar row

gfstone gfstone at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 27 20:37:46 EDT 2011

I had about twenty dwarf apple root stock grafted w/ scion wood in a row 
attempting to creat an espaliar (?) arrangement.  After two or three years of 
working on this they all died.  On examination they were systematically girdled 
about two inches below the surface by, I assume, mice, moles, or voles.  B4 
attempting to re-do this row I would like suggestions on what preventive 
measures I can take to avoid a recurrance.
    What I did on preparing the ground for planting is:
- dig out roots and stones in the 2' x 30' row
- added ammendments to the sifted soil
- returned this mixture to the trench
- planted my trees at about 18" spacing 
- added a support structure to train the limbs
The trees were doing fine until this summer when they were discovered to be 
girdled :(

Geoffrey - Black Mountain, NC

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