[NAFEX] Vinegar making.

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Tue Sep 27 11:33:38 EDT 2011

Maria wrote:   Jim, what kind of ph meter do you use-- is it the ph paper 
strips?  I've seen pH meters used for cheesemaking that were very accurate 
but also very expensive.  And what pH level do you aim for with your 

    I use a Hanna hand-held model that costs around $50 to $75.  It is 
frustrating to use because it needs constant re-calibration (expensive 
models need recalibration too).  I bought it from Amazon.com.
    And what pH do I shoot for?  That depends upon the fruit, how much sugar 
is added and how much water is needed to dissolve the sugar.  Unlike apples, 
most fruits don't yield enough juice to make vinegar without additions of 
sugar and water.  In order to be legal, the pH needs to be lower than 4.6. 
Of the fruits I have worked with, my pH's have run between 2.4 and 3.

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