[NAFEX] Chokecherry Vinegar

Maria Schumann mariaschu at vtlink.net
Sun Sep 25 21:41:40 EDT 2011

I accidently made some great elderberry vinegar last year-- I'm hoping  
I can recreate the conditions.  Jim, what kind of ph meter do you  
use-- is it the ph paper strips?  I've seen pH meters used for  
cheesemaking that were very accurate but also very expensive.  And  
what pH level do you aim for with your vinegar?  We have a barrel of  
apple cider vinegar going-- hopefully ready soon.


On Sep 23, 2011, at 8:46 AM, Jim Fruth wrote:

> Bob,
>    My bottles are hot sauce bottles - they can be turned upside down  
> with nothing coming out unless you shake the bottle.  I use 3 oz., 6  
> oz., and 12 oz.  $1.50 per ounce.
>    I have a pH meter to determine acidity.
>    Hypothesis/theory(?):  Since Acetobacter needs air to turn  
> alcohol to vinegar, I would suggest that it forms the rubbery layer  
> on top when it has completed its job, with the mother effectively  
> cutting off the potential air supply.  What say you?
>    Curiously, mother never formed on top on Strawberry, Chokecherry  
> and Black Currant.  Instead it sunk to the bottom in bits and pieces.
> Jim
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