[NAFEX] bears in the orchard

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Sat Sep 24 14:54:53 EDT 2011

Big bears break your fruit trees down if they climb them as I found
out.  Also rip off limbs.  It is bear season here but I told my son
not to shoot any bears in my yard.
zone 2 Minnesota

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>We also had our first bear siting a couple of weeks ago- at least on
>our own
>property.  He was a juvenile and looked not to weigh much more than I
>lots stronger though!  He'd been causing trouble in the neighborhood
>for a
>week or so- ransacking garbage cans and bird feeders.  I fired my 20
>over his head and he fled.  Hasn't been seen around here since.
>Lucky that he seems to have come in the day right before we saw him. 
>When I
>shot he was standing up while leaning on one of my apple trees but
>gotten any fruit or torn off any limbs.  It seems they usually do
>damage at night.
>We have several permanent bears in our small county immediately north
>Westchester county near NY city.  I sure hope none ever move in
>to our neighborhood.  If so, it will have to get used to the sound of
>shotgun or forage at night.  There are very heavy fines here for
>them so that's not really an option.  It'd be pretty hard work hiding
>evidence even if you wanted to break the law.
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