[NAFEX] bears in the orchard

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 13:11:22 EDT 2011

We also had our first bear siting a couple of weeks ago- at least on our own
property.  He was a juvenile and looked not to weigh much more than I do-
lots stronger though!  He'd been causing trouble in the neighborhood for a
week or so- ransacking garbage cans and bird feeders.  I fired my 20 gauge
over his head and he fled.  Hasn't been seen around here since.

Lucky that he seems to have come in the day right before we saw him.  When I
shot he was standing up while leaning on one of my apple trees but hadn't
gotten any fruit or torn off any limbs.  It seems they usually do their
damage at night.

We have several permanent bears in our small county immediately north of
Westchester county near NY city.  I sure hope none ever move in permanently
to our neighborhood.  If so, it will have to get used to the sound of my
shotgun or forage at night.  There are very heavy fines here for killing
them so that's not really an option.  It'd be pretty hard work hiding the
evidence even if you wanted to break the law.

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