[NAFEX] Winter

Naomi Counides naomi at oznayim.us
Fri Sep 23 13:03:06 EDT 2011

What about goat?  And my chicken house could use a cleaning also.  And I
have donkey.  All free for the shoveling.

Actually in winter when they tend to stay in the shelter more and poop on
the floor.  That  is when I do the most manure gathering.  As long as
conditions are decent, not too boggy and not too slick, we just dump the
muck buckets in the garden, sheet composting.  The winter rain leaches it
into the ground and then it gets tilled in spring. When conditions are not
good for sheet composting it gets pilled along the fence line and works as a

Still pretty warm here, tomatoes, cucumbers, plums,peaches, grapes and
apples. Garlic is planted as are the Walla Wallas for next year.

Idaho Zone 6

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Starting to get ready for the cold. Hardwood tree leaves suddenly turned
red. I still have some plums on trees.  The berries are gone.
I have trees loaded with many crab apples but nothing is after them.
I got a flatbed truck of composted cow manure delivered this morning.
I prefer horse manure but it not very available here.  I had a load of bison
manure once.  It was good but not available now.  I use commercial
fertilizer sparingly because it burns and also kill worms.

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