[NAFEX] 922 end apple question

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Tue Sep 20 00:01:11 EDT 2011

Anyone here growing the apple called 922 end?
I don't live where it gets so cold that I actually need this variety. It 
usually gets =30 to -40 every winter but there is an abundance of other 
apples to grow.
A few years ago, I was ordering some scion wood and the description of 
922 end made me want to try it. I made 2 grafts; one on the very top, 10 
feet up in a healthy young tree and the other on a side branch of a 
declining tree. The declining tree is also young but will die sooner or 
later due to loss of most of the bark at ground level.
Only the graft on the declining tree has produced so far. One apple last 
year three this year. I'm starting to suspect that the scion wood was 
mislabeled. I picked the last apple today and it was still firm and tart 
with some astringency. Wouldn't an apple suited to the far north be ripe 
before this? Possibly the poor health of that tree could cause the 
apples to ripen late.
The other thing that makes me question it is the appearance. The health 
of the tree shouldn't affect that very much. The apple I picked today 
was green and yellow with a bit of red striping. The real difference was 
the shape. Every 922 end produced (all 4 of them) had a very squat 
shape. The apples are MUCH wider than they are tall. I would have taken 
a picture but I ate the last one before I thought of that. Pictures 
shown on the internet show a normal shaped apple with a red blush on one 
side. Mine doesn't match that at all.

So, can anyone offer any reason to believe I actually have 922 end or am 
I right about the mislabeling? I'll probably let the graft on the 
healthy tree produce before I judge them to be worthless.

Steve in the Adirondacks (zone 4 on a good year)

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